Measuring & Ordering Your Curtains


You’re probably keen to get ordering your new curtains, but first we need some measurements to work from!
If you’ve been to any of our items’ pages, you’ll notice there is a form to fill out. The first thing you’ll need to know is that you only need to fill out this form once per window (if there are pairs of curtains or linings behind your sheers, this is factored into the price), please only add multiples of the item to your cart if you have windows with identical measurements.

Measuring is fairly intuitive, you are essentially giving us the measurements of the area your curtains need to cover (the rectangle in the diagrams below). A stiff metal tape measure is recommended for accurate measurements.

The ‘drop’ of your curtain is from where the top of the track will sit, to where you would like the curtain to end. We will make any necessary deductions for the height of the track. You will need to make deductions if, for example, you would like floor-length curtains. We recommend a 1cm clearance from the floor, so in this situation you would measure to the floor and deduct 1cm (or enough to clear any other obstacles). You will also need to keep cornices in mind when measuring, as your tracks will need to sit below them; square set rooms can have the curtains all the way to the ceiling (for which we recommend the ‘top fix’ option)

It is also recommended to measure your drop in several places along the window as this can vary
(use the shortest measurement).

The ‘width’ is the full track width desired, including any overlap of the window recess. We recommend a decent overlap of the window recess on all sides to minimise light bleeding through.

Top vs. Face Fix

As the name suggests, ‘Top Fix’ tracks are made to be secured to the ceiling (or underside of a structure), so any measurements must be taken from that edge down. Top Fix tracks are not recommended to go above walls with cornices as the track will sit out from the wall; square set rooms are more suitable for this type of track.
‘Face Fix’ tracks are secured to walls and are suitable for both square set and and corniced spaces.

The image below shows a top fix track that has been secured to a ceiling in the centre of a room as a divider, and a face fix track that has been installed on the wall just below the cornice.

Blockout Lining

You’ll notice that blockout lining is an additional option behind our sheer curtains. Blockout lining is not only great for blocking out light, but also to insulate the room all year round. As the curtains are on separate hooks, you will be able to stack back your blockout linings to let in light and keep your sheers drawn for privacy and aesthetics. Photos of lining options accompany each listing.